What do you mean by PTC sites?

PTC Site simply means Paid to Click Site. It means that you can earn money online by just viewing the ads for seconds. I would like to Elaborate the meaning by an Example. Suppose you have a website with a certain Niche and you want to promote your site for getting Traffic or making money through your site, then there are PTC Sites by which Promotion of your site can be done(by investing money). Here is the money making point, PTC Sites provides Ads as Promotion given by Advitisers(as stated earlier). So we can register to the PTC Sites and click the ads given and get credited for clicking ads. Note that you cannot make huge amounts if you(single person) click the ads everyday. It is also important to choose the correct PTC Sites, cause there are Sites which gives ads and we click them, but they never pay us. Hence, check out the legit Paid to click Sites and Scam Sites in my site. For registering to PTC Sites, you need a PaypalAlertPay or LibertReserve account(as per the Sites payout methods).Click the Ads daily and as you get the threshold of payout, get your money from it. Simple way of making money online. Our Website gives Best PTC Sites and Paid to click sites. These sites are Legit PTC Sites and Paying PTC Sites. They are Highly Trusted ptc sites honest ptc sites and Top ptc sites.

How to Choose Secure and Safe PTC Sites Easily

If the PTC site gives more money for clicking ads, then they have to give fewer ads. If they don’t give fewer ads, then ultimately the site will turn out to a scam. Let me give an Example for understanding purpose, Suppose the site has 40 ads and they give 0.001$ per click, then this Site will ultimately turn out to a scam cause the site owner's wont get anything and they will turn to loss in businnes. If such site with 40 ads and gives 0.0001 approximately, then we can say that this site may be Legit. We cannot judge a PTC Site quickly.

Earn through PTC sites

If you yourself click little ads every day as noted above then you may not earn more money that you desire. Assuming that you are a member of a PTC site, if you click ads each day, it may get hard to earn. But there is a technique provided by the PTC sites, It means referrals. There are 2 types:-
1) Direct referrals.
2) Rented referrals.
Direct referrals are the members which join under your name. They join from the link of your referral you provide my any media of promotion. If you are unable to get direct referrals then get rented referrals. The members which joined without any referral id.You can rent referrals after purchasing it for month. Why to use referrals:= As i said, you cannot earn more by clicking yourself. By referrals each click for his Ad, you get earned from 20%-50%.Hence, Great way to earn money. You can increase your earns by Upgrading your account Too. You can investsuch a way in PTC sites to make huge amount of money, but the investment is also of huge amount needed, hence it is necessary to choose correct PTC Sites as i have given in my Site. Our Website gives Best PTC Sites and Paid to click sites. These sites are Legit PTC Sites and Paying PTC Sites. They are Highly Trusted ptc siteshonest ptc sites and Top ptc sites.